Ditch those easy-to-steal, easier-to-lose key cards and keep your tenants and property safer with Access Control powered by face recognition.

Here’s the uncomfortable truth:

password crossed out in a notebook

You don’t know who is using your key cards.

Current keycard systems can’t prove who entered the building. But with the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, miiCloud can verify someone’s identity with 100% certainty.

someone holding a secure phone

You don’t know how many key cards are lost or stolen.

Every lost or stolen key card is a risk to your reputation, tenants, and profits. With face recognition, miiCloud can eliminate key cards altogether. Which means the number of lost or stolen key cards threatening your building is always zero.

a developer coding

You can’t keep track of high traffic areas to know who is coming and going.

Video monitoring can help. But it’s virtually impossible for a security guard to monitor every movement in high-traffic commercial spaces. Enter miiCloud: Our AI models analyze every frame in a video feed and send automated alerts on suspicious activity and unauthorized visitors, helping your security stay one step ahead.

Our Process is Simple


miiCloud works with managed security providers and property managers to integrate our face recognition technology.


You enroll your employees, tenants, and guests with their picture.


Tenants, guests, and employees scan their faces at the building or floor entry to gain access.

miiCloud benefits for..

Managed Security Providers:

  • Easy integration with existing access control solutions
  • Only verified users can enter authorized areas
  • No cost to produce or maintain keycards
  • A modern user experience for commercial tenants and their employees or guests

Property Managers & Commercial Tenants:

  • Only verified users can enter authorized areas
  • Easy onboarding of employee sand visitors
  • No key cards to maintain or distribute
  • A more secure work environment with a modern user experience

What does the future of Access Control look like and how can we help you get there?

miiCloud’s face recognition software uses the latest technology to keep your properties safe. And we’re committed to growing that technology with even more safety features over time.

Here Now
Face Recognition Software:
  • Contactless entry for guests
  • $0 cost for key cards
  • Verified identity of each guest
  • More secure than key cards
  • Unprecedented visibility into occupancy
Almost ready
Advanced Video Analytics:
  • Real-time identity detection
  • Automated alerts to security staff
  • Searchable lists of items and activity detected in the video stream, making it easy to identify how and when someone or something disappears or moves from your footage
  • Keyword-based search vs. manual review of hours of footage
  • Unprecedented visibility into guest flow
Future Feature
Smart Glasses with Real-Time Info:
  • Real-time identity detection by security guards using miiCloud Smart Glasses

We can easily integrate our face recognition software into your existing systems. Contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about how we can work together to make your system and space safer.

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