Security is our #1 priority,
as well as being transparent.

The following explains our protocols and processes to keep your identity and data secure.

Just like you, we also had many questions about Face Recognition technology and its potential misuse. Therefore, we’ve designed the technology with our users’ privacy and security in mind to ensure your data is treated with utmost care just as we would treat our family’s data.

How is the info protected?

Security of your information is our #1 priority.  We use AES-256 encryption to protect your information from capture, transport to data at rest.

How does miiCloud use the collected information?

There is only 1 use for the info collected: to prove your identity with a 100% certainty.  We do not share your information with any marketers or 3rd parties, etc.

What biometric info does miiCloud extract from a user’s face?

Every person has unique biometrics otherwise, our fingerprints, face, iris, etc. could not be used to unlock our phones, laptops, etc.  Our proprietary algorithm extracts mathematical representation of over 100 unique attributes from each user’s face.  

One thing to note about these unique attributes is that no 2 face recognitions algorithms are alike. Each face recognition algorithm extracts based on the design of the algorithm.  For example, miiCloud’s algorithm may see a user’s attributes as “1234….”, but another algorithm may see the same user as “AZh3f….” etc.

What is Face Recognition technology?

With the recent advances in hardware, computer vision and machine learning, we are finally able to teach computers how to see.  They see objects such as faces very differently than us humans.  At miiCloud, we’re pushing the technology forward so it is not just in the domain of big companies. Face Recognition allows us to extract over a 100 unique attributes from each face and then compare those attributes at a later time to verify if the same user is coming back.