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Integrate face recognition into your software, site, or app in 5 minutes or less—with bank-grade security already built in. 

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5-Minute Implementation.

Implement secure face recognition-based logins in just a few minutes by copy-pasting our code snippet.

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We’ve Got Security Covered.

The average developer spends 20 hours a month maintaining user credentials. With miiCloud, you get that time back. Focus on your product’s core features, get to market faster, and leave the bank-grade security to us.

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No More Passwords!

miiCloud allows users to log into your product, site, or app using face recognition. This means no more usernames, passwords, failed logins, password reset emails, or users sharing logins to get around paying for your service. It also means faster app signup and higher conversions.

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As a developer or product executive, you can expect:

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Faster Sign Ups:

Convert more leads to customers with faster sign-ups.

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Less Development Time:

Get to market faster and skip the thankless hassle of researching and building your own secure login.

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Secure User Credentials:

We securely manage your user credentials, eliminating an average of 20 work hours per month for your team.

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Secure Data Capture:

miiCloud uses biometric, device, and behavioral analysis to prove identity. We worry about security so you don’t have to.

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No Password Sharing:

With face recognition, your customers can’t share logins and avoid paying for your product. You can be confident in your number of users and the knowledge of who those users are.

As a customer, you can expect:

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No More Passwords:

Never push the password reset button again.

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Better Security:

Faces are harder to hack than passwords, which means face recognition keeps your accounts safer.

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Your Data is Safe:

In a world of data scandals, 91% of customers say they want more control of their personal data. With miiCloud, you can rest assured that your data is safe. We don’t share your GPS location, search history, contacts, etc. with any third-party apps unless you give us explicit permission.

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Spend Tracking:

Link your credit cards to your miiCloud account to easily manage your spending.

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Biometrics in the News:

According to Goode Intelligence, “by the end of 2020, 1.9 billion bank customers will be using biometrics to withdraw cash from ATMs.”

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According to Oracle's Hotel 2025 report, there is growing enthusiasm for facial recognition systems that could be used to identify and even interact with guests, with 72% of hotel operators expecting to deploy such technology in the next four years.

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Australia-based Qantas is exploring an alternative approach to the passenger experience: scanning your face.

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Did you know our face recognition APIs can be used for other security applications--from physical access control in commercial real estate to verifying financial transactions? We can configure our software to suit your needs for on-prem, hybrid, or cloud hosting.

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We believe in:

Leading the Market

Oren Harari said, “The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.” We believe in leading the market vs. asking the market what it needs.

Pushing the Boundaries

We believe in pushing boundaries and trying new things—even when they seem counterintuitive.

Reputation is Everything

We believe that reputation matters.


We believe in putting family, team, and customer before self.

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We believe there is a right and a wrong. We don’t live in a moral gray zone.